Original ideas.
Innovative approaches.
Our creative team
embraces your project
with years of professional
experience and fresh

We build upon extensive
background in broadcast
and corporate
communications to
produce crisp, visual


Tom James
Production Director/Videographer/Motion Graphics

Tom comes to Thill Media from a background in graphic design, web development and
wildlife photography. An avid fly fisher, Tom's video production focus has been on
capturing , preserving and passing along the art of angling.

On your projects, Tom puts all of the pieces into place as our Production Director. From
scouting locations and storyboards to pulling together the area's top talent, Tom makes
sure that every detail gets the attention you deserve.

From behind the camera, Tom lends the same eye to those details. He serves as
videographer, producer and director on several of our projects. Tom’s camera work has
been featured on numerous broadcast outlets.

The team at Thill Media is small on size but large on talent. With Tom's help, we're able to
deliver a quality, compelling product - on budget, on time, everytime.


Dave Simmons
Creative Director

Tom James
Production Director
Motion Graphics

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